ICS Commercial Mortgage Broker Training Program

Accelerate Your Commercial Mortgage Broker Business

Originate & Broker Commercial & Investment Real Estate Loans.

ICS offers the most affordable commercial mortgage online training and lending platform in the industry. We provide the training, lenders, tools, and prospect data commercial mortgage professionals need to be successful.

ICS vs. Traditional Brokerage

  • Best online training program available
  • Access hundreds of lenders
  • 1.5+ million realtors and loan officers contacts
  • Forms & Contracts
  • Email & call marketing scripts
  • Tips & Tricks used by the best
  • Loan Processing & placement when you need it

Did you know?

ICS is one of the fastest growing commercial mortgage brokerages in the country. ICS provides more tools, more support, more data, the best training, the largest network of lenders, and pays a 70% commission split. Once you complete training, you have the “option” to work as an ICS Commercial Mortgage Broker Partner.

Direct Access to Hundreds of Lenders

Banks, Credit Unions, Private Lenders, Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac

Unlimited Access $139/month

When you sign up with ICS you get unlimited access to all training courses, hundreds of lenders, tools, resources, and contact data lists for $139/month. You can broker commercial and investment real estate loans using the ICS Commercial Lending Platform independently or as an ICS Commercial Mortgage Broker Partner. The ICS Commercial Mortgage Broker Lending Platform is more than just training. It includes prospect data lists to help you quickly build your book of business and referral partner network, including  access to download 68k+ residential loan officers and bankers, 1.5+ million realtors, and thousands of property owners. You can complete training sections at your own speed. Most commercial mortgage brokers retain continuous access to our program monthly, as we add additional courses weekly, and update our lender database, property owner, and referral partner data lists each month. You can package and submit loans to lenders quickly and easily using the ICS Commercial Lending Platform online.  This is a month-to-month service and can be cancelled at anytime.

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Unlimited Access $139/month